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Round the Bend

"Round the Bend"

A review by Jay Nar

My favourite Nevil Shute for all times. This is the story of an Englishman, Tom Cutter and his best friend the Russian-American Connie Shaklin. Tom runs an air charter service from Arabia to the Far East after WW II. Connie works for him and persuades men, from the Muslims of the mideast thru the Hindus of India to the Buddhists of the Far East, that doing ones' job honestly and responsibly is the best way to serve God, any God.

One of the best examples of Shutes' simple, compelling style, it is also an indicator of the change in his attitude from the xenophobic,insular Englishman of his earlier novels (especially Marazan) to a citizen of the world. For anyone despairing of combining religious belief with the modern workplace, this book provides an excellent solution without ever preaching.